Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Orchitis Pain can be Felt in Lower Abdomen of That Side

1: Epididymis 2: Head of epididymis 3: Lobules...Testis and the Sperm Tube Inflammation of testis and associated sperm conducting tubes, definitely gives rise to pain at the site, but that pain can be felt in the lower abdomen of the side.
Inflammation of testis called orchitis, that can cause local pain; the testis may be painful to touch and may be swollen. People of tropical countries like India having a vast coastline are prone for filarial infestation. Those typically attack the sperm conducting system that originate from testis. In the process secondary bacterial infection can set in, that aggravates the situation.
Orchitis may cause pain, fever, swelling, pain on touch and may make the patient bed ridden. The pain can be felt in the lower abdomen of same side. That is because of similar nerve supply. It is sometimes mistaken for many other diseases causing pain in the lower abdomen.
A careful history taking is all that is required, because patients are often not forth coming about the pain in the testis; complain lower abdominal pain first.  
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